Input or display lag is very infuriating for any player. Too much lag can easily ruin your gaming experience. It can also have a terrible impact on your gaming scores. We hope that this guide helps you identify and solve any input lag issues that you might be facing. However, if the latency is normal and you’re still experiencing lag, that might be due to input lag. One way to detect input lag is by recording yourself while playing the game with a high-speed camera. Once recorded, you should carefully check the recording and see how long it takes for the action to occur on screen after you’ve pushed the button.

  • Before attempting the manual fixes we’re about to outline you should ensure you have the most current drivers for your Bluetooth radio.
  • In other words, the usefulness of this update can improve system performance.
  • If the issue persists, try right clicking the game capture in OBS and select Scale Filtering, then Bilinear.

This method will fix Overwatch stuttering and high/low FPS completely and now you can run the game smoothly. Windows 10 has an integrated Gaming Mode built to help you while you play different games on your PC. The first solution to any kind of Overwatch stuttering and high/low FPS error is to close the game and restart your PC. This method will also close every other app that may be causing the problem.

How To Fix Youtube Error audio Renderer Error, Please Restart Your Computer

The matter isn’t particular to a specific Windows edition and is claimed to take place with several different web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Chrome. Other affected customers report that for them, the issue also happens when listening to iTunes or even when using the built-in cd player. So how do i fix the audio renderer error on youtube.

Solved: Bluetooth Keeps Disconnecting

If you still haven’t encountered the YouTube audio renderer error, you can plug it in again. If multiple external playback devices are connected to your computer at the same time, this can lead to the error. In this case, keep the default playback device connected and disconnect the other audio devices. There are many people, who connect more than one audio playback device with their device. Although your system should use the default audio playback device and settings, you may end up getting this error message. So disconnect or unplug the second audio playback device and check if YouTube can play audio without any error or not. There are many users that are facing the error that is labeled as “audio renderer error.

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