Over 50 and Bi-Curious. I will be a man in the 50’s that has occasionally considered a same sex feel

by HappyJack sunshine Sep 30, 2012 5:50 pm

Im men within his 50’s who may have periodically thought about a same intercourse skills for some over 10-12 age.We very first thought about they after my personal ex-wife mentioned the woman interest. I found the woman way of thinking fascinating as she had been interesting regarding psychological areas of being hetero and thinking if being such will allow the girl to enjoy offering and getting sexual pleasure to some other lady. She requested me if I had actually considered it and at the time we never really had. She asked us to provide some thought and I also performed but I really cannot see whether they wold getting a confident experiences or not. I’ve always believed during the phrase, «the greatest sex organ is our very own mind.» and I also’ve always been intrigued by the psychological areas of individual sex. But whenever we did discuss the topic, I found it to be rather arousing and she did and quite often used it in ‘sex chat’.

After all of our breakup 7-8 years back, I hardly ever seriously considered it are busy with existence and online dating etc. After my latest union I made a decision just to get a rest and stay no-cost for awhile. Then the thinking returned and I also made the decision i desired attain a much better comprehension of precisely why I had these views and made a decision to do some research. Sadly there is not a whole lot nowadays, no less than in a sensible fashion. I’ve been to a few online forums relating to gender looking to get a mature, meaningul debate with some one, but end upwards getting swamped with features of cyber intercourse, online cam-ing etc. which I am not thinking about.

My personal curiosity was mufti-faceted and complex and often I believe embarrassed and puzzled sometimes but see I need to have a better understanding of this facet of my personal sex.

I am not shopping for recommendations or responses, a lot more simply someone to jump feelings and thoughts off without being judged or hit on.


Re: Over 50 and Bi-Curious

by woodpecker Mon Oct 01, 2012 9:40 am

Hi Kevin, I am within my 50’s and get for a while now have a desire for offering some guy a strike task and merely acquiring naked with a man and having smooth enjoyable. I’m not interesestd in anal in any way, only dick enjoy really will get my interest, i am talking about performs this making me gay? We dont think-so as I haven’t any want to ###$ men. The strange not sure if i might have the nerve to transport it though.

Re: Over 50 and Bi-Curious

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Re: Over 50 and Bi-Curious

by loise Sat Mar 30, 2013 1:39 pm

hello! i’m inside my 50’s and a female, however the finally ages i understand that i have been crazy about multiple women in living. I am unable to see some components of closeness, i decline it, but rest looks very attractive.

i am only sharing my entire life skills. because we are really not a definition of anything, we walk, we lookup. often we discover and often we keep on appearing. i outdated, little and finally experienced in love, with a gay friend, we decided to get married, i satisfied his last mate. almost 25 years living as homosexual partners openly. my hubby saw it as a friendship. their lovers as a marriage. I became youthful plus in love. so we hitched and had three young ones. i adored your although the gender wasn’t best. some unsensitive. he had been maybe not regularly a woman. sooner we realized all of our variations and divorce. today during my 50’s i marvel, is it feasible that i’m lesbian which is the reason why I didn’t care about their gayness? after the street, I believe that appreciation see no sex. it really takes place, additionally the actual exchange can be as something special one of the ways or perhaps the some other.

we have a crush with a heterosexual girl friend, who i and many others believed ended up being an transgender, she seems like a guy, etc. target of a war and hormones a lot within her looks is altered. At experience aware of the girl. but I actually do not require to frighten the girl apart from the proven fact that I really do not determine if this is just a fantasy or if i could truly carry out a sexual operate with a female.are we gay or perhaps not> become we lesbian or perhaps not> who cares. my exman was internet dating just female since we leftover each other therefore, the second section of their lifetime his has elected become heterosexual. that is great beside me. every day life is a search, and quite often the solutions never tottally arrive. but it is remarkable how much we experience and sttruggle utilizing the games. needs a woman but I actually do not require to get lesbian. all the best!

Re: Over 50 and Bi-Curious

by HesDeltanCaptain Thu Apr 25, 2013 8:48 pm

Re: Over 50 and Bi-Curious

by april3ram2013 Sat Jun 15, 2013 3:07 am

Re: Over 50 and Bi-Curious

by HesDeltanCaptain Sat Jun 15, 2013 2:43 pm

As a bisexual my self we maintain everybody’s naturally bi, and it is just that since copy need heterosexual habits, more gravitate to they thinking since Nature work it that way, it should be «normal.» But anything more animals manage can «normal» and since some 1500 kinds display homosexuality or simply just homosexual habits, homosexuality, or maybe more likely bisexuality is as regular as heterosexuality. Choice of just who to pursue for sex is just that, a selection. The choice is set up is actually a involved conversation, but we’re not automotons, and wont fall dead whenever we not have gender. Thus choosing to have sexual intercourse anyway requires alternatives.

I do believe the situation utilizing the entire homosexual or right or something like that different topic consist the way we think some name used to explain direction is employed, yet until their own genuine development everyone was simply men, females, or some interesting blend and had sex. A person was still a man aside from whom or exactly what he’d sex with, and lots of men are defacto bisexual, particularly in some countries like Greece and Rome. The very thought of describing these women or men as directly, gay, or bi just never occured.

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