The division may require that any distinguishing buyer records be removed from database whenever data is archived

138.14(14)(d)5. 5. If a licensee stops creating payday advances, employ all available transactions thereupon licensee as closed-in the database 60 days following the time on which the licensee stops creating payday loans, unless the licensee reports towards databases supplier before the termination of the 60-day cycle which of their purchases stays open together with particular cause each deal stays available.

138.14(14)(d)6. 6. Responding to an inquiry from a licensee, state only that any particular one are qualified or ineligible for a unique payday loan and explain the reason for that perseverance. Only the person seeking the financing will make an immediate inquiry with the database service provider to inquire a very step-by-step reason of an ineligibility determination.

In the event the database, as dependant on the division, is certainly not implemented or is perhaps not completely working, validating that customer won’t have an open pay day loan because of the licensee that along with a unique pay day loan would create a breach of the area

138.14(14)(age) (e) If at any time the division decides that a licensee containing ceased creating pay day loans just isn’t upgrading the databases relative to plans approved under level. (o) , the unit shall right away nearby or advise the databases service provider to immediately close all continuing to be open purchases of this licensee.

138.14(14)(g) (g) The unit shall, by order or tip, stipulate the period which is why information is to get kept inside the databases only as required to be certain licensee compliance using this point and for enforcement or compliance functions. The division may keep use of archived information for future legislative or policy review.

138.14(14)(h) (h) The unit shall, by order or tip, establish a database deal charge of at the most $1 that the databases supplier shall cost to licensees to cover the expenses of developing and applying the database, and being able to access the databases to make sure that that an individual does not have any pay day loans making use of licensee or people that in conjunction with a new purchase can establish a violation of your part. The databases cost are payable directly to the unit in a manner recommended of the unit and, if office possess developed with a 3rd-party supplier to operate the databases, the division shall remit the charge toward 3rd-party carrier as given in agreement.

The licensee shall maintain a database out of all the licensee’s pay day loans anyway of its areas of company and browse that database in order to satisfy their responsibility under this subdivision

138.14(14)(i) (i) A licensee shall examine a consumer’s eligibility to enter into a quick payday loan by-doing among the many appropriate, as applicable:

138.14(14)(j) (j) If database, as based on the unit, just isn’t fully operational, or even the licensee struggles to access the databases and, as determined under principles promulgated by the unit, the different processes developed under level. (d) 2. can unavailable, a licensee may are based upon the written verification associated with the customer in an announcement supplied in significantly here form in no less than 12-point type:


138.14(14)(k) (k) If, as dependant on the division, a licensee is unable to access the database because of technical troubles occurring making use of the databases, the licensee shall utilize the alternate processes founded under level. (d) 2.

138.14(14)(L) (L) A licensee may use the content contained in the databases as precise and is not subject to any management forfeiture through relying on incorrect records included in the database.

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